We are talking to Laura Charelle of Balanced Bombshells about how to balance our hormones and overcome some of the things that we struggle with every month, like PMS, low energy and weight changes.

Laura Charelle is the owner of Balanced Bombshells, which offers high-performance wellness coaching to women striving to achieve their goals.

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1. Food is a huge component in how you feel, especially around your hormones.
2. Don’t just blindly listen to your doctors. Do your own research as well.
3. Consider what you are eating and do some research on how it affects you. Your symptoms could be coming from what you eat.
4. A woman’s hormones reset every cycle. A man’s reset every day.
5. Your cycle is made up of 4 different phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulation, & luteal?
6. It takes a full cycle for your body to change and for you to see changes like weight loss.
7. You can get rid of menstrual cramps with exercise and eating a few simple things. It’s all about blood flow.
8. Use an app to help you keep track of your cycle. Laura and I recommend Clue.
9. Cycle syncing will feel different if you are taking birth control. You won’t feel it as much.

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