Hey there, Sarah here.

Welcome!!! So happy you found me! My name is Sarah and you might know me from INFJ Woman and The Quiet Ones Podcast, a community I created for like-minded women to come together and learn about their personalities.

Check out the pics of me all over this page. Can you tell I hate taking pics alone??

So many people have asked me about how I grew my Instagram following from nothing to over 45,000 followers in under a year and how I grew my blog from nothing to well over 40,000 views a month... that I decided to start sharing my business marketing tips and tricks! I’m here to show you how to grow your blog & biz while helping others!
I have been blogging and sharing my thoughts regularly since January 2018 on infjwoman.com! It’s so much fun and it quickly became my obsession. I worked day & night on my blog and in just about a year I was able to start making a profit from my business! 

I was worried for so long that I would never find my true purpose in life. But I can now say with confidence that I have found it and I am loving every minute of it. I’ve worked in digital marketing for more than 10 years and it’s so much fun to put all of that knowledge to work in a space that is my own.

Since starting that blog I quickly became obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest marketing and growing my blog through both platforms! I enjoy it so much that I decided to create a website dedicated to teaching others how they can do the exact same!

My Mission

I created my blog in hopes of inspiring others who may feel as if they don’t have a purpose in the world, to realize that they actually DO! It’s all about finding and pursuing it! I always LOVED to write. Just like everyone else, I also have a story. I started my blog from nothing and worked my way up.

Along the way, I learned a lot about myself. I taught myself how to make a thriving blog & community and now I want to teach YOU how to do the same! Because did you know your passion can ACTUALLY pay off!?

I believe that as long as you are writing about what you LOVE and market it properly, the rest will follow. That’s proven itself so far. So are you ready to join me and learn how to turn your passion into a thriving business that pays off?! Let’s go!

xoxo Sarah

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